Brief History

The church in Newington (formerly known as the church in Hartford) was originally incorporated under the laws of the state of Connecticut in June of 1985 and subsequently incorporated as the church in Newington in 1993. In early 1994, following the purchase of the two-acre piece of property at 121 Maple Hill Avenue, the church contracted with the Borghesi Building & Engineering Company to design and build the present assembly hall.

On April 27, the town approved our site plan to construct an 8500 square foot hall with a seating capacity of 250, classrooms, a kitchen, and a finished basement. The total cost of construction including acquisition of the property was approximately $850,000. The ground-breaking ceremony for construction was held on September 17, 1994. Subsequently a certificate of occupancy was granted in November of 1995. Soon afterwards the inaugural meeting of the church was held in the new assembly hall on January 7, 1996.


Lord's Day
Lord's day meeting, 10:00 AM

Prayer meeting, 7:30 PM

125 Maple HIll Ave
Newington CT 06111