Small group meetings

smallmeeting3Our small group home meetings are the heart of our church life and community. According to Acts 2:46, the early believers met “from house to house” fellowshipping together. During the week, we meet in various small groups in different homes to gain more Christ and be built up with one another (1 Pet. 2:5) in a more personal way. Our small group home meetings are characterized by a vital spiritual pursuit, and a committed goal of spiritual fruit-bearing (John 15:16-17) These groups span across all ages, and across all ethnicities.

While we treasure the larger Sunday gatherings where the whole church comes together, the small groups add a much more practical and daily component to our church lives. The small group meetings in the homes enable us to care for one another in a much more personal setting and encourage each one’s growth in the life of Christ.


Please contact us to visit or join a small group home meeting.


Lord's Day
Lord's day meeting, 10:00 AM

Prayer meeting, 7:30 PM

125 Maple HIll Ave
Newington CT 06111