Saved through my Son’s Speaking

In March, 1985 my son came home from college to minister God to me. He led me to know the one true living God. I remembered at first, I was angry. I didn’t understand his speaking. I doubted! How could my son speak to me in such a strong way?

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Enjoying the Goodness of my Father’s House

“Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me All the days of my life, And I will dwell in the house of Jehovah For the length of my days.” Psalm 23:6 Like David, I too must declare that the Lord’s goodness and lovingkindness has filled my life, and for the rest...

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Taught of God

Hello, and thank you for reading this. I grew up in a loving, yet somewhat eccentric family. My dad held a normal blue collar job as a sewer maintainer, and my mom was a nursery school director. We three kids grew up around motorcycles, acting, and singing—hence the...

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The Prodigal at the River’s Edge

By the time I graduated I felt malnourished in my Christian life. Outwardly I was a “good Christian” and didn’t get into trouble, however, within, the Lord didn’t have the first place and He was relegated to Sundays. I left for college in Maine on August 1980 at the age of eighteen. For the first time I was not under my parents’ eyes. I tried to throw off all restraint and enjoy the “world” much like the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32. The more I indulged in the “temporary” enjoyment of sin the more empty and vain I felt.

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Saved at Critical Times

My parents were saved before I was born. They lived in Puerto Rico at the time, and eventually they became actively involved with the Christian Missionary Alliance there. When I was one year old, my parents were led by the Lord to go to the Dominican Republic as...

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Once Lost but Now Found

Hello. I was born in 1957. When I was 5 years old, my parents divorced and both remarried. There were five of us children; then, each step parent brought one child from their previous marriage and each new marriage produced one new child for a total of nine children....

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Jesus is the Light and Life for Me

The Lord Jesus is my life and light. I received the sweetness of His divine life in Russia in 1993. In the same year I read the brochure written by Watchman Nee called “The Precious Blood of Christ”. My eyes were opened by the brochure; I realized the value of God’s...

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Real Love and Genuine Oneness

As a 10 year old I had no real guidance from my parents, so I was always getting into fights at school and doing bad things. I was an untrained, unguided, undisciplined brat; but I didn’t get into real trouble until I was talked into breaking into some summer peoples’...

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Oh God I Need Peace

As I hitchhiked home on that clear autumn afternoon, my heart ached inside. I was all alone on a winding country road having just left my high school dream for the last time. Since my freshman year I had wanted to get to know her. Then at last, in our senior year, we...

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God is faithful

The years have proven to me that God is faithful! My life has not been extraordinary, but in all the hours, days and years when I was not faithful, God remained the same—faithful. I’m a native of California and was raised in a fundamental Christian home believing in...

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Taught by God

One conversation that really stuck with me was a conversation with a born-again Christian out in Wyoming. He told me that if you have never tasted a peanut butter milkshake, you have no idea how good it is. This was a comparison to the sweetness of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Even though I was a scoffer and a skeptic at the time, God was gaining me little by little

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