Jesus is the Light and Life for Me


The Lord Jesus is my life and light. I received the sweetness of His divine life in Russia in 1993. In the same year I read the brochure written by Watchman Nee called “The Precious Blood of Christ”. My eyes were opened by the brochure; I realized the value of God’s blood which He has shed for me when He came to the earth to become a lowly man—Jesus Christ.

This valuable fact was my need at that time, and it is still considerably important to me in the present time. This blood contains God’s power—the cleansing power of God! It not only forgives, but cleanses me from every sin, dirty thought, and concept. Moreover, it assures me the boldness to be able to come forward to the Holy God. Through this unshakable foundation, which is the Lord’s redemption, I experience God’s life in my daily living. God is Spirit, and we have a human spirit, which is where the Triune God dwells. He is eager to saturate me totally with His divine life by spreading it from my spirit to my soul (mind, will, and emotion). The Lord shows me that I need to take in His word first, and then shows me His sovereignty in all circumstances; and all the sufferings in my life are healed by His compassion as well.

Throughout these years, I have come to understand that my flesh and natural being need to be terminated, yet not by my own strength but by His Life within me. I believe that my whole being will be possessed with His precious life to express and glorify Jesus who is in me, which is His greatest desire. In all the local churches around the world, I see the unity and operation of the believers in the Body of Christ; I gain what the Lord wants me to gain through His Body. Furthermore, the realization that only the Lord Jesus is the Head becomes clearer. The more I experience the Body operating by the Head, the more I have the assurance that Jesus is my Lord and that He will be glorious and honorable forever and ever.


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