Saved at Critical Times


My parents were saved before I was born. They lived in Puerto Rico at the time, and eventually they became actively involved with the Christian Missionary Alliance there. When I was one year old, my parents were led by the Lord to go to the Dominican Republic as missionaries, where we lived for four years. I was therefore hearing about God from a very young age.

My mother would always speak to us and sing to us about God, and my father would read the Bible with us every night. Because of the missionary work my parents were carrying out, our home would often be a place of meeting and caring for new Christians. I, of course, didn’t realize what was going on, but the heavenly atmosphere was molding me from that early age.

In 1981 we were back in Puerto Rico where my father became a pastor at the Christian Missionary Alliance Church in Levittown, PR. One afternoon we were talking about salvation in the car. I do not remember were we were going or the specifics of the conversation, but I remember telling my mother that I wanted to receive Jesus into my heart. And so as a five-year-old boy, in the back of our family car I closed my eyes and prayed to receive the Lord.

In 1986, when I was 9 years old, my parents began to meet with the local church in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Only six months after that, we moved to Connecticut, where we have lived since. My experiences of the Lord are spread out throughout my childhood, but more significantly during my years in high school. There were times when people I knew offered me drugs. Close friends of mine became members of gangs. There were always plenty of parties to attend where drugs and alcohol, among other things, were the main entertainment. But mercifully, every time I was faced with such situations, God spoke loudly in my conscience to refuse the world. Because I had many times consecrated my life to the Lord, He was able to work in me and save me at such critical times.


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